Dress Code

School Dress Code Policy

The purpose of our dress code is to provide guidance to all students and parents as to the appropriate attire for our school and at any school function. The dress code is designed to promote school safety, improve discipline, enhance a professional learning environment, while maintaining student independence. All students must enter and exit campus in compliance with the school dress code policy. All students who stay after school to participate in after-school programs must follow the dress code. 

Clothing, Garments, Backpacks and other Accessories MUST NOT display

● Drugs, alcohol, and/or tobacco related images or language 

● Racial, ethnic, homophobic, and/or sexist images or language 

● Symbols, images or insignias depicting gangs, violence/weapons, vulgar gestures, profanity, sexually suggestive, obscene language, and/or pictures 

The following garments and accessories are NOT allowed

● Sleepwear, pajamas, house shoes, or blankets 

● Midriff and/or half shirts, crop, halter, strapless and/or tube tops; clothing with spaghetti straps; muscle shirts 

● Racer-back tank tops less than 4-inches wide in the back or not close to the armpit 

● Showing bra straps 

● Clothing that expose cleavage 

● Excessively short bottoms (clothing should be mid-thigh, closer to the knee) 

● Clothing that reveals excessive skin

  • No excessively large holes in the clothing

  • Large hoop earrings, larger than the size of a quarter not to be worn during physical education or sports

● Distinctive modes of dress representing gang affiliation, and gang related behavior (throwing signs) 

● Items hanging out of clothing, such as bandanas, scarves, electronics, wires, etc. 

● Clothing that exposes undergarments, sagging 


● No heels 

● All shoes must be closed toe 

  • No Crocs during physical education class or any sports activities 

Friday Spirit Days 

● Every Friday we encourage school club shirts and/or college gear  


● Clothing required for religious reasons is encouraged

● Your School ID is part of your dress code. School identification cards are provided and students must have the ID card with them the entire time they are on school campus. 

Unacceptable dress includes the following:

Any clothing with body parts or undergarments inappropriately exposed

Apparel or garments displaying logos of gangs, racist groups, obscene language, vulgar gestures, racist, ethnic or sexist slurs, altered or customized lettering, graffiti or gang colors

Apparel or garments advertising alcohol, tobacco or drugs

Apparel that is see through

Apparel that is too loose or too tight

Apparel designed for sleepwear

Bandanas, doorags, hats, beenies, knit caps, hoods are not allowed

Any footwear that is not closed toe and has a rubber sole.

Consequences: A parent contact and/or a change of clothing are required.

Continual defiance of the dress code will result in a referral, suspension, or lowered citizenship grade.

Evidence of gang affiliation on campus will lead to suspension and/or transfer.

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