Academic Citizenship

Academic Policy

The scholarship grade indicates the level of proficiency and competency achieved in the specific subject. Scholarship grades are cumulative. Grades for the first six-week report period will be reflected on the first report. The second report period will reflect scholarship grades for 12 weeks. The semester scholarship grade will reflect the entire semester's academic work. The following marks are used:

A = Superior, exceeds standards
B = Above Average
C = Satisfactory completion of standards
D = Standards not met
F = Failure, credit not granted
INC = Incomplete


NC (no credit) may be issued in place of an "F" grade if the teacher feels that the student has put forth effort yet failed to meet minimum proficiency standards. Parents must be notified as if the grade to be received were an "F." "A Special Progress Report to Parents" should be issued.

Listed below are the only two reasons for which incomplete marks may be recorded on report cards or grade report sheets. A form from the counseling office must be completed and approval received from the Head Counselor before the grade of "I" is submitted.

  1. Lack of a transcript of record from the last school attended.
  2. Due to illness a student missed so much work that it is impossible to receive a passing grade. Responsibility for making up work rests with the student, yet teachers should make an effort to provide an opportunity for the work to be made up and to give the student needed assistance. Six weeks after the student first returns to school, the subject teacher will submit a final grade on a form obtained from the counseling office.

  3. Incomplete grades that are not changed as noted above will automatically become "F" failures. The following comment will be printed on all 12-week progress reports: "Any grade of D or F may fail at the semester."

Citizenship Grades

When a spirit of cooperation exists on a school campus, a positive learning atmosphere exists as well. Good citizens demonstrate attitudes of caring, concern, and respect for others, and respect for personal and school property. The guidelines in citizenship for Bell Middle School are based on the general guidelines found in the district's Discipline Policy.

E = Excellent Outstanding student who exceeds citizenship standards.

G = Good Exceeds citizenship standards.

S = Satisfactory Meets citizenship standards.

N = Needs to Improve Needs help in meeting citizenship standards.

U = Unsatisfactory Fails to meet citizenship standards.

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