Zero Tolerance

Bell Middle School adheres to the provisions of the district's Zero Tolerance Policy. The Zero Tolerance Policy defines a weapon as a firearm, pistol replica, starter pistol, stun, BB or pellet gun, knife of any size/type, dirk, dagger, razor, slingshot, explosive, and all fireworks. Any object used in a threatening manner, and not usually considered a weapon, i.e., pants' chains, will be considered a weapon under the Zero Tolerance Policy.

The first offense for possession or use of a weapon and the third offense for fighting that inflicts injury within one year are Zero Tolerance offenses. The Zero Tolerance Policy applies to trespassing on school grounds by non-enrolled students who have not obtained clearance from the school office and will result in a Zero Tolerance action on the third offense. Students who violate the Zero Tolerance Policy are subject to a police investigation and a five-day suspension pending a district expulsion hearing.

  1. Explosive Devices In San Diego County the possession or lighting of explosive devices is illegal without an official permit. The use or possession of any explosive device, regardless of size, on campus or at a school-sponsored activity will not be tolerated. A threat to use an explosive device is considered to be just as serious an offense as the actual use of such a device. Consequences: A student may be suspended, referred to an alternative educational program, or recommended for expulsion. The police may be contacted. In addition, students and their parents/guardians will be held liable for any damages caused by the explosion of said devices.

  2. Fighting Students who participate in fighting and/or threatening and intimidating behavior will be sent to a school administrator. Students who fight off campus before or after school are subject to the same consequences as those who fight on school grounds. Consequences: Students caught fighting will be referred to an administrator for an assignment to detention, Saturday School, suspension, an alternative educational program at another site, or expulsion. In each event the parents of the student involved will be notified and appropriate conferences held.

  3. Robbery and Extortion Robbery or extortion is an automatic Zero Tolerance offense. Consequences: Any student who commits robbery or extortion will be suspended and/or expelled.

  4. Weapons It is a misdemeanor to have a weapon on any school campus or school-sponsored activity. Any item classified as a weapon by a law enforcement agency is considered to be such by the school. This includes, yet is not limited to, knives, clubs, guns, nunchaku sticks, metal knuckles, chains, screwdrivers, or any other item that might be used as a weapon.

The Zero Tolerance Policy of City Schools specifies that weapons, violent acts, and repeated fighting on campus will not be tolerated. Any student who possesses a firearm, knife, explosive, or any other dangerous object, or uses an object of any type in a threatening manner, is considered in violation of this policy. Consequences: Any student, regardless of age or reason, who possesses a weapon on campus, coming to or from school, or attending school activities, shall be considered for expulsion and district discipline procedures. The student may be arrested by a law enforcement agency, recommended for placement in an educational program at another site, or expelled. Any weapons will be confiscated and held by the school police pending a parent contact and subsequent suspension.

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